Hello, I am
Jacob Kemple

I am a cross-platform full stack software developer, product and branding specialist, and software architect who loves his work.

I believe in making more than software, but in making software that holds true that its quality, image, and that a softwares brand is just as important as its ease of use and long-term quality architecture.

Software development

Experienced full stack .NET software developer, including modern .NET Core and .NET standard, Xamarin and legacy .NET systems.

Web development

Experienced in full stack web development, from ASP.net/core and web applications/cloud solutions to more traditional PHP/JavaScript/TypeScript.

Product marketing & branding.

Strong background in leading or contributing to efforts to build product lines focused on a consistent brand and image across their product line and long-term marketing strategies.

Modern network and software security practices.

Experienced in using the latest security practices across the board, with a history of malware analysis and pen testing.

Hello, I am Jacob Kemple

Software engineer with a with a background in security, marketing,and branding.

Software engineer

Full stack Software engineer, with a strong backround in all things .NET and C++. Experience with both legacy and modern mobile, desktop, and web application devolpment.

Web devolpment

Experienced in both traditonal and modern web devolpment practices. Everything from Static websites and SQL to more Web Applications and scalable cloud solutions.

Branding and marketing

Backround in building new products with a strong focus on long-term consistent, multi product branding and marketing strategies.

A little about me.

Hello, I am self-taught software engineer who loves his work. I focus on writing code "by the book" -- which takes a mixture of understanding core architecture and design concepts, functional and OOP core principles, data structures, and how to effectively apply them.

I enjoy all aspects of my craft. Rather it is security and reverse engineer/debugging work, or enterprise soultions that are salable and support full cross-platform use with designs that looks,feels, and acts how users want it to with no fuss.. I love it all.

Personal Details

Name : Jacob Kemple

Birthday : June 18, 1991

Address : 3979 South, Vernon Circle, Millcreek, Utah - 84124

Email : admin@jacobkemple.us

Phone : +1 385 499 0721

Website : www.jacobkemple.us

Download My CV

Hello, I am Jacob Keple

Here you can get a feel for what I bring to the table and download my resume.

My History

Note: To view work done under the below areas of employment past what is provided on my portfolio, please make a formal request. NDA agreements often exist but companies are willing to discuss my work in general as a reference.

Branding and marketing consultant - Packet One [ 2011-2014 ]

Worked as a branding and image consultant for a company focused on growing product lines with a desire to generate a consistent look and brand across their services and products provided.

Principal Consultant/Software Engineer – Stylesoft consulting [ 2014 - 2016 ]

Stylesoft is an LLC focused on consulting and full solutions/services for groups interested in getting their idea from point A to Z successfully.

Principal Software Engineer – Simpleware [ 2016-2018 ]

Simpleware is an LLC focused on selling in-house software products through subscription models and occasionally contract/consulting work in areas of expertise.

My Education

Associates Degree – Salt Lake Community College

I obtained my associates degree in order to expand my options and ensure my general level of the basic academics are where I want them to be. As a highly motivated self learner and the level of passion for my craft, I have not (yet) attended further university but hope to in the near future.

Programming Skills

  • C#
  • C++/C
  • JAVA
  • ASSEMBLY x86/x64
Web Development Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
Library/Platform Skills

  • UWP
  • WPF
General assets

  • Large scale design and architecture.

  • Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code that conforms to standards and practices.

  • Excellent debugging and performance analysis skills.

  • Experience developing tools and workflows.

  • Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code that conforms to standards and practices.

  • A pro-active self-starter that can write his own task list, contribute to written system design documents and thrive in a a remote or on-site work place.

Download My CV

Hello, I am Jacob Keple

Here you can get a feel for what I bring to the table and download my resume.

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Contact information

Address : 3979 South, Vernon Circle, Millcreek, Utah 84124

Phone : +1-385-499-0721

Email : admin@jacobkemple.us , support@jacobkemple.us